Post Graduate/ Junior College school programs are great experiences to be a part of. Having the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with fellow student-athletes and teammates who are in a similar position in life has its benefits like no other. Like most post graduate/ junior college sports academy’s ALNSPA is a short-term program and we offer a wide variety of housing accommodations for both short- and long-term students.

Short Term & Long Term

ALN Sports Prep Academy provides both short and long-term residential student housing. The ALNSPA residential student housing is geared towards allows student the opportunity to learn how to become more independent as they transition into the college world. Each student is presented with the opportunity to learn the life skills needed to function effectively while becoming more self-sufficient within their own independent environment.

All Students are given daily and nightly chores so that a routine can be established. Students are required to make their beds each morning before departing their residence on daily bases. Household chores are performed each evening from kitchen, bathroom, trash and yard duty. Students are responsible for preparing their own daily meals as we provide students with cooking preparation classes twice a month.

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