Life Skills & Community Service

Life Skills

ALNSPA Life Skills program will teach our students how to navigate career goals and master the life skills required to living independently during their stay at ALNSPA.

Living independently while learning how to manage personal finances, household responsibilities, and self-care provides students with the real-life college experience needed to make the big jump into the college world with high expectations. ALNSPA students are given the opportunity to create meaningful friendships and experience new-found confidence in social situations by developing peer relationships and a positive social network

With the ALNSPA life skills student support program, students are introduced to the responsibilities of managing all aspects of their lives while living on their own for the first time. Living independently for the first time can be overwhelming, but at ALNSPA students’ transition to live in an apartment or team housing with a roommate.

The ALNSPA staff works with each student in the areas of:

  • Real Life college decision making and situation (Do’s & Don’t)

  • Character Building

  • Decision Making

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Management

  • Managing a bank account

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Health and Wellness

  • Community resource development

Most importantly, students are given the opportunity to acquire the judgment to make sound decisions about the daily college life and expectations. Students are guided through each step of the per-college life and their transition to independence.

Community Service

One of the key essential parts of the ALNSPA program is our strong community-based relationships. Students who attend ALNSPA are required to participate in a minimum of 30 hours of Community Service, while attending Athletes Lives Network Sports Prep Academy. The primary focus is to establish a baseline foundation for future success throughout the local community and beyond. Students will have the opportunity to provide services and activities that contributes to various Youth Organization, Schools, Mentoring Programs, and Charity-Focused events. All students have the option of participating in additional community service events of their choice.