Academic Requirements

  • Recent High School grads seeking, passing ACT/ SAT test scores, High School Core course replacements, and/ or college credits.

  • High School grads that have been out 1 year or less and not attended college at any time.

  • Potential Student-Athletes with 2.0 or Greater CORE GPA upon completion of high school.

  • Potential Student-Athletes who have not fulfilled high school diploma obligations for graduation.

  • Potential Student-Athletes with less than 2.0 CORE GPA.

  • Potential Student-Athletes that have not been able to pass high school graduation exams.

  • Potential Student-Athletes who have need 24 transferable college credits in order to become eligible for participation in college athletics.

  • Potential Student-Athletes with 2.3 or Greater CORE GPA.

  • Transferring College Students with 1 year or less in College Credits.

  • Junior colleges simply require that a student-athlete be a high school graduate, earning an approved standard academic diploma.

  • Potential Student-Athletes with less than 2.0 CORE GPA.

  • Student-athletes can also be eligible if they've completed an approved high school equivalency test, like the GED.


Students needing standardize test improvement at ALNSPA will facilitate an ACT/SAT Prep Course that enables the student-athlete to become confident in his/her test taking abilities. This academic program will prepare our students to obtain the necessary score needed to achieve admittance into his/her college or university of their choice, therefore increasing their marketing ability while at ALNSPA.

This ACT/SAT test prep course is designed to prepare and enhance the student’s efforts with an intensive, rigorous, small classroom environment. Upon completion, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the ACT/SAT test format, time management, and the confidence needed to execute specific ACT/SAT test prep strategies.

College Credits

Post Graduate Student-Athletes can take up to 9 college credits at our preferred accredited two-year college and not lose eligibility. If you are a potential athlete and fall into either of the last two above categories, you must be enrolled in an accredited high school program.

ALNSPA student-athletes utilize a regionally accredited online high school for high school courses and CORE course replacements. This high school is NCAA recognized as an accepted program. Classes are done online, but in an in-class structure with a facilitator and evening review and tutorial services are provided 3 days a week.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery programs take various forms, ranging from retaking a course in an alternative time or setting (before school, after school, in night school, or during the summer) or through an alternative methodology (via an approved project that satisfies course requirements or through online learning). Generally, students are eligible to enroll in credit recovery programs if they have met the “seat time” requirements for a course needed for graduation but have failed to meet the end-of-course standards required to receive credit; that is, if they have attempted to take the course and failed, rather than taking it for the first time.

If you are missing credits to graduate from high school, then the ALNSPA can help you achieve your goals and meet the graduation requirements to receive a high school diploma. ALNSPA credit recovery program permits students to make up courses that they have previously failed due to excessive absences, inability to grasp the content, or other factors associated with academic failure.