Our Mission

ALNSPA mission is to provide our students the opportunities to excel academically and athletically through a quality "preparatory experience."

Our Purpose

ALN Sports Preparatory Academy is the first established online National Accredited Junior College with an athletic program in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ALNSPA is a 501c3 private organization that provides programming for post graduate/ junior college student-athletes. We offer football, basketball, and track and field sports programs for student-athletes who have completed their high school eligibility (1-year post-high school) and are seeking assistance with obtaining athletic scholarships at four-year colleges and universities. 

Our Programs

The athletic services offered at ALN Sports Preparatory Academy are a 4-month to 2-year program. Our student-athletes engage in rigorous sports programming to work on improving strength and conditioning levels, playing ability, time management, accountability, maturity, and leadership. Each sports program scheduling varies. However our athletic teams compete against NAIA and Division III junior varsity collegiate teams, junior college teams, and other post-graduate programs, both regionally and nationally. Competition serves to showcase a student-athlete’s talent for exposure opportunities.


Post-Graduate / Junior College Schedule

Football: July 2021 to November 2021

Basketball: October 2021 to March 2022

Track and Field: January 2022 to May 2022

Post Graduate: 4 to 5 month commitment.

Junior College: Traditional 1-year to 2-year commitment.

ALN Sports Prep Academy Team

Carl Biddings, M.S.

Co-founder / President / Director of Athletics

Jacqueline Biddings

Co-founder / Parent Liaison/ Event Planning

Ron Carpenter, M.S.

Director of Football Operations and Recruiting Coordinator

Chris Woods, M.S.

Director of Basketball Operations and Wrap-Around Services

Jean Lampert, M.S.

Director of Track and Field and Cross Country Operations/ Junior College Admission Counselor

Angela Hamblin-Blakely

Director of Operations Women's Post Graduate Basketball/ Advisory Board Member

Student Athlete Questionnaire

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